“We believe in historical depth, not superficiality. We are interested in the tension between materials and transforming the ordinary object into an objet d’art. It is exciting to bring out the history of an object, while making it suitable for everyday use as well.”
Poelmann Wildschut Stamm


After studying fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Michiel Poelmann started to focus on furniture design. He creates furniture, lighting, and other design products from wood, metal, and stone. In general none of his creations are conform to the standard molds of tables, stools, cabinets or lights created from these materials: chemical reactions, welding two different materials together, working with imperfect, found wood are typical for his work.

While shaping and polishing he likes to preserve the original, natural qualities of the materials he works with, while searching for tension between various elements and their features.

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Our story

Poelmann Wildschut Stamm is a co-operation of furniture designer Michiel Poelmann, antiques dealer Michiel Wildschut and graphic designer / art director Baukje Stamm. This collaboration has never been ordinary. Michiel Wildschut and Baukje Stamm started working together in 2012, because of their shared love for collecting, re-using and re-storing items of the past. In 2014 they met Michiel Poelmann. From the start there was a powerful connection in creativity between the three of them. Two years later their creative meeting results in furniture items that are never the same and always tell a unique story: evolving from the past, design for the present. Hier pour demain. Furniture for those who appreciate the simplicity of things that are so carefully made throughout history.



Michiel Wildschut has been an antiques dealer for more then 20 years in the Jordaan area in Amsterdam. Before starting his own company, he worked at the furniture department of auction house Christies. He is know for his peculiar taste for decorative items. Almost everybody in Amsterdam knows his shop, because of the big airplanes that generally occupy the small space of the shop. Against all odds Michiel kept dealing in “French armoires” when the crisis hit. The collapse of the antiques market, made him resourceful. Changing his business so radical after all this time, proves that he is a remarkable flexible thinker. He is also a very intuitive person – feeling strong about everything and everybody that is authentic – and he knows his “furniture” onions. His strict selection process, and great feeling for proportions, are key for designing our furniture items.

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Since 2014, Poelmann has collaborated with Form&Seek, a collective of young designers who are interested in both the functional and poetic appeal of design who believe that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world. Poelmann has exhibited his furniture and products alongside other Form&Seekers at Milan Design Week and the London Design Festival.


After obtaining her MA thesis Dutch Literature at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and graduating the Hallo Academy for applied creativity, Baukje Stamm established her graphic studio Wunderwald. She is trained as an identity and branding concepter and art director. Her graphic work is a crossover between logo designs and illustrations – often a mix of naive drawings, soft colors and natural forms – for identity styles, packaging designs and book designs. She is highly aware of the importance of craftsmanship. She loves to learn from the old hands in the trade, whether in making books or printing techniques. With the Wunderwald-team she loves to work for ethically-driven organizations and people who like to make a positive and durable contribution to our society.