Copper & Steel


Experimentation, fusion, and juxtaposition – this set of words seems fitting, as to describe the works of designer Michiel Poelmann. He creates furniture, lighting, and other design products from wood, metal, and stone. But really, none of his creations conform to the standard molds of tables, stools, cabinets or lights created from these materials.

For the Oddities Armoire project Michiel Poelmann made a steel construction and copper panelled doors with exquisite flares of color on them. The flares are the result of a chemical reaction; welding two different metals–steel and copper–together at their ends.

Poelmann love for experimentation makes it hard to classify his work, and all the more intriguing to follow.

Since 2014, Michiel Poelmann has collaborated with Form&Seek and has exhibited his furniture and products alongside other Form&Seekers at Milan Design Week and the London Design Festival.

The Oddities Armoire project  xplores the intersection of antique materials and craft. A selection of antique pieces is the starting point, followed by an investigation to see how they are paired best with metalwork techniques.  The challenge has been to get the piece in balance–respecting the antique character while also adding elements of surprise. The element of play seen in the cabinets–the colors and patterns–are the work of Wunderwald, Baukje Stamm’s design agency. The goal here is to use familiar objects, antique pieces in a refreshing way, but also be efficient and ingenious when it comes to fabrication.

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