Our Story

“We believe in historical depth, not superficiality. We are interested in the tension between materials and transforming the ordinary object into an objet d’art. It is exciting to bring out the history of an object, while making it suitable for everyday use as well.”

Poelmann Wildschut Stamm is a co-operation of furniture designer Michiel Poelmann, antiques dealer Michiel Wildschut and graphic designer / art director Baukje Stamm. This collaboration has never been ordinary.

Michiel Wildschut and Baukje Stamm started working together in 2012, because of their shared love for collecting, re-using and re-storing items of the past.

In 2014 they met Michiel Poelmann. From the start there was a powerful connection in creativity between the three of them. Two years later their creative meeting results in furniture items that are never the same and always tell a unique story: evolving from the past, design for the present.

Hier pour demain. Furniture for those who appreciate the simplicity of things that are so carefully made throughout history.